The Newsletter

The Newsletter. No. 1


First on the list is D’angelo. Each of his three albums has a different flavor, but for now I’m recommending Voodoo as a good entry point into the world of instantaneous-orgasm-while-eating-ice-cream music. D’angelo is god. I love him so much I stand by my belief that he is better than Marvin Gaye. I feel kinda gross saying that, so maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement, but anway…

This album has so much to offer. From groove, to songwriting, to angelic falsetto, Voodoo will open your world to modern soul and restore faith in current music. Sure there’s the Crazytowns and the Miley Cyruses and Biebers, and then there’s D’angelo. I don’t support the idea that many people hold about how good music is dead. There’s more music available through online places like Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, etc. than there has ever been available to people in the world. So much music that you could sift through it eighteen hours a day for years and you’d just barely scratch the surface of what exists. And people want to try to say that there’s no good music. BUT, if I had to subscribe to that stupid idea, D’angelo would single handedly makes up for all the McDonaldized nonsense in existence.

Voodoo was also my introduction to Charlie Hunter and custom eight string guitar playing. YouTube him; you won’t regret it.


Next up–Mac Miller: Watching Movies with no Sound.

I know. I thought the same thing. Mac Miller sucks, right? Rap/hip-hop is overpopulated with awful white boy rappers the likes of Riff Raff and Bubba Sparxxx. Even worse was the wave of college white boy rappers a la Sammy Adams, Mike Posner, Asher Roth, etc.

Associating the previously mentioned disgraces with Miller, I gave no mind to Watching Movies when it came out. Even worse, I dismissed him after a quick listen while riding with my brother on the way to a hockey practice in high school. I didn’t even know Watching Movies existed until this summer when a close friend whose rap tastes I trusted recommended the album.

I later regretted my assumptions. Mac Miller is to rap what MGMT is to poppy-psychedelic-rock. Both started off with some gems but mostly catered to abstractly conceived pop audiences that could guarantee an income. The second album comes out and WHAM BAM        Art.

Also, Jay Electronica kills it in his feature. Those who claim new rap is all shit are stupid. Find the good stuff and quit complaining.